About Us

Fitness Pilots is a health & fitness blog promoting a better lifestyle for every individual. The idea of starting this blog site started a few years ago when I was planning to buy a treadmill for myself & didn’t find any proper reviews online. I noticed that most of the fitness blogs are all about selling fitness products without actually educating people about proper fitness.

So I decided to make this blog with a view to creating a one-stop platform for solving all types of fitness problems that anyone would face. From providing massage tips to suggesting best treadmills, I have got everything covered for you. With an experience of 8 years in the respective field, I guess I can provide the best solution for any fitness query that pops in your mind.

All of the reviews are 100% unbiased, I will put an honest remark on everything no matter how popular the brand is. I may earn a little commission if you buy a product using my link, but that doesn’t affect my opinion in any way. Even though you aren’t looking for buying any fitness product or seeking for reviews, the informative blog posts will be there for you to educate about health & fitness.

If you’re out there struggling to buy a fitness product, you can put your trust on my review posts for getting the best deal. Take help from our detailed buying guide and choose the most suitable product for you. So what are you waiting for? Tie up your shoes and hit the roads. Keep grinding!