Are Back Massagers Good For You? Complete Guideline In 2023

Massages feel immensely gratifying—so gratifying, in fact, that you want to experience that sensation for hours and relax as you are pumped up with adrenaline ready to take on the day; it is the ultimate stress killer. This applies especially for a back massage, this is particularly important after spending all day at work, to recuperate the soreness & stiffness.

One of the most popular ways of getting a self back massage is an electric back massager. Although, some of you are questioning its efficacy by asking us, “Are back massagers good for you?”. Well, by reading this article, you’ll get the answer.

Are Back Massagers Good For You

As compared to actually treating an underlying problem, these portable back massagers can only provide immediate relief when it comes to fixing a chronic or acute musculoskeletal crisis.

In a recent survey, it has been found that having regular back massages improves the overall outlook of people taking it as well as increasing their productivity respectively. What can be more exciting than that? You are literally getting a mountain of benefits by the magic of hands! It is a win-win situation!

Are Back Massagers Good For You

On the other side, back massagers have some certain drawbacks too! But that doesn’t make it any less popular, using them the right way can reward you with the positive effects only. Still, people have every reason to be confused about if back massagers are really helpful.

An easy solution to end this confusion can be knowing both the benefits & drawbacks of a back massager. In this article, we have elaborated on them in detail, so make sure to read this post until the end.

Benefits Of Using A Back Massager

Speaking of benefits, a question may arise, what exactly are the benefits of a back massager? Obviously, the opportunity to take one at any moment is worth getting. Back massages operated especially by a handheld back massager turned out to be one of the most effective massages after decades of research with a plethora of psychological and physical benefits. They are—

  • Eases muscle soreness after exercise by reducing stress.
  • Increment of feel-good hormone levels of the body such as serotonin and dopamine and decrease in cortisol level-the stress hormone-this is because several fMRI experiments have found that massage improves blood flow in mood and stress regulation-related regions of the brain.
  • In women, back massagers also fight the effects of premenstrual syndrome and allow better sleep.
  • Improvement in immune system in people with breast cancer and leukemia, as well as reducing their physical and emotional pain.
  • Depression relief- one of the advantages that the study has most reliably related to massage.
  • Improvement in skin elasticity.
  • Chronic pain relief.
  • Supports the digestive system.
  • For targeted regions of pain or stiffness, back massagers are safer and more efficient. Since a recent finding suggests that a portable back massager should also be used before exercise, they are excellent for muscle regeneration.

Unfortunately, considering the current times and the ongoing spread of COVID-19, going to the spa may not be an option for you. That’s why at-home back massagers are obligatory for massage lovers. On the bright side, you do not even need to pay cash for a stranger to perform your massage.

Drawbacks Of Back Massagers

It is important to note that back massagers are actually for the muscles, not for your bones or the spine. This region should be massaged only by skilled massagers due to the fact that it is sensitively delicate.

Drawbacks Of Back Massagers

The nerves which carry communication from the brain to each specific organ system have protection by the vertebra. If any unspecialized person incorrectly uses the back massager, it could cause organ failure.

For instance, it could slow the organ down if someone applies a massager over the transverse processes of a vertebra, if they do it for the spinal process, it could speed up the organ function. So awareness during the massage sessions should be sky high!

How To Give A Good Back Massage?

If you buy a back massager, you should always pay attention to the advice provided in the instructions. This is the safest way to guarantee that you don’t overdo it and experience more pain instead of getting better, which is, of course, your target.

How To Give A Good Back Massage 1

Pre-workout therapy helps stimulate nerves and loosen sore muscles; post-workout use helps to minimize body tension and encourages faster healing. For individuals with chronic back pain from sciatica, inflammation, muscle pressure, and back stiffness, back massagers may be greatly helpful, considering that they offer relaxation thanks to their ability to improve blood flow through vibration to tight muscles.

The person taking a back massage should be lying with his or her face at a depressed angle on a supportive surface such as a firm mattress or a carpeted floor with arms down by the sides placing a pillow or small, rolled towel under the shoulder can help in easing neck tension.

How To Give A Good Back Massage

For most people, the use of massage oil from various essential oils is an ideal option. Because it eliminates pressure so that hands can slide effortlessly over the skin and provide a hygienic pleasurable massage. That is bound to make you feel as if you are in seventh heaven as your mind synchronizes the rhythm of the massage.

How Often Should You Massage Your Back

There are no specific criteria for the regularity of massage. You can use your back massager as frequently as you like. Not only for a luxury experience but also for the instant feeling of the pros of massages. Including your physical and emotional needs; your stress levels; and your budget

How Often Should You Massage Your Back

It may feel so amazing when using back massagers that you won’t want to stop using, but you have to note that massagers are not gaming gadgets to be used for constant periods. They are aimed for muscle recovery and pain relief, which means that over usage may harm the body. In simple terms, you are ideally encouraged to use a massager for no longer than 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Longer massage duration than recommended causes the back muscles to become too relaxed, which can hamper some daily activities as you experience lower muscle function and movement. So, there may be difficulty in walking, breathing as the heart rate drops low which can be very fatal.

Even if you have frequent massages, most experts would prescribe a certain number of days per week and for this form of massage, everyday use is not advised as muscles need time to repair and then relax.

What Not To Do After A Massage?

It is immensely important you follow the necessary guidelines after a mesmerizing massage in order to get the most out of it and prevent any muscle soreness, lymph system dysfunction, toxin accumulation, and etcetera which might harm your health and again cause stress as well as undoing the effects of the massage.

1. Do Not Consume A Heavy Meal

So what to exactly have after a massage?  The simple answer is to avoid consuming a heavy meal after a massage – junk foods are a big no!

Do Not Consume A Heavy Meal

This is because heavy meals result in bloating of the abdomen and make you lethargic rather than distressed and re-energized. Just some light snacks such as vegetables or fruits will get you pumped up in no time

2. Avoid Drinking Coffee

Avoid Drinking Coffee

Caffeine containing beverages elevate anxiety symptoms and increase the heart rate drastically. Therefore, it is imperative you avoid caffeine intake to prevent dizziness and heartburn after a massage.

3. Never Drink Alcohol Following Massage

Never Drink Alcohol Following Massage

Alcohol has the reverse effects of a massage, quite simply. It has a diuretic influence and it reduces the efficiency of the massage. Following a massage, the repercussions of alcohol are exacerbated. Amphetamine is not a good thing after a massage.

4. Avoid Taking A Hot Shower

Avoid Taking A Hot Shower

After a massage, the temperature of your shower or bath is important. Massages facilitate blood movements. Also, a hot shower can enhance the blood supply. It could make you faint or dizzy to mix the two. After a massage, taking a shower will wash out the soothing oils or lotions that the massage therapist use.

5. Avoid Overthinking

Do not make mountains out of mole hills regarding your problems post-massage. Being Stressed out is the easiest thing you could do that will combat all the benefits of a massage instantaneously.

Avoid Overthinking

In fact, avoid thinking about negative aspects after a massage otherwise stress decreases liver function which slows down the excretion of toxins from the body.

6. Do Not Carry Out Any Rigorous Exercise

You may feel energetic after a back massage, but you have intensely drained your back muscles. For your muscles, the massage session was literally a workout.

Do Not Carry Out Any Rigorous Exercise

Therefore, do not carry out any recreation that is going to stretch the muscles to prevent muscle soreness and allow muscle recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of this article is to include as much information as the internet can provide. As a part of that, this segment below will help you know even more about back massagers—

What does a massage do to your body?

A massage drastically improves blood circulation of the body which improves toxic elimination as well as sustaining cells. This acts as an effective cure for muscle soreness.

Are back massages bad for pregnancy?

Generally, having a back massage during pregnancy aids in better sleep, improved calmness in women. However, according to experts, you should avoid the pressure points in the hands, pelvis, ankles to massage as it can cause blood clots which can result in unwanted premature labor.

Are back massage chairs good for you?

Although back massage chairs increase blood flow aimed at the back as well as increasing the overall lymphatic flow in the body lick handheld back massagers, it is not convenient to use massage chairs without an expert massager, unlike handheld massagers. Moreover, it is extravagant to purchase the chair comparatively.

Is it OK to get a massage with back pain?

By improving blood circulation and accelerating body activity, a massage is your cornerstone to easing back pain.

Where are the pressure points in your back?

There are actually two major pressure points in our back. The first one is the lower back point, it is about between the second and third vertebrae at the bottom of the spine. Putting to this point provides significant pain relief from lower back pain and sciatica. Another important pressure point is the hipbone points, you should apply gentle pressure here to reduce pelvic stress and hip pain.


Back massagers have just the right design & build quality to last. And almost immediately, both physically and mentally, they can make you feel better. In those days when you need some relief from tension or the aches and pains that torment us, they are sure to be your best mate.

Hence, we can say back massagers are indeed good for you and can be a lifesaver for people with osteoarthritis. Grab yours today and feel the difference!

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