How Often Should I Do Spinning To Lose Weight?

Spinning is an effective method of losing exercise and is a great cardiovascular exercise in general. It provides almost the same benefits as running on a treadmill and is arguably even better than the elliptical in some cases.

If you are new to the idea, you may have many questions. Is spinning the appropriate exercise for you? Does it actually help lose weight? How often should I do spinning to lose weight?

If you are looking for these answers, then you are at the right place. In this article, I will go over this information and other related information. If that sounds interesting, read until the end for the best information.

How Often Should I Do Spinning To Lose Weight?

The time one should spend on spinning varies from person to person. Before we get into that, I would like to clear out some concepts for people who may be new to spinning.

So what exactly is spinning? I am sure many of you have heard of the term and how it helps lose weight but are actually unfamiliar with the concept itself. It is actually nothing but indoor cycling. The bicycle is stationary with a weighted flywheel that is set in place.

How Often Should I Do Spinning To Lose Weight 1

Spinning is a form of exercise that focuses on strength and endurance which are the key parts of cardiovascular exercise. Usually, there are spinning classes hosted by organizations but you can do it in the gym and in your house as well.

As I mentioned earlier, how often you should spin to lose weight depends on you. It will vary based on your current physical conditions and the physical goal you want to reach. If you want to scale off a huge amount of weight, you need to provide the same amount of time and effort into it.

If you want to lose a good amount of your body fat, you need to indulge in spinning accordingly. Cycling casually as if you are on a bicycle outdoors will be of no use to you. Instead, you need to focus on a regular intense workout session with low intervals.

It has been statistically recorded that an average spin class burns about 400 to 600 calories, over the duration of 30 to 45 minutes. In practice, this is enough to maintain a good figure but is not helpful to bring you into shape if you are an overweight person.

How Often Should I Do Spinning To Lose Weight

However, you can effectively burn more calories if you tweak your resistance and pace. Increasing the resistance will make you exert more force while pedaling, leading to more calories being burned. However, do not increase the resistance so much so that you can not move your legs at all. Find a comfortable adjustment and increase it gradually as you progress.

As for how often you should spin, it also relies on your physical condition. If you have a good figure and are trying to maintain it or lose weight further, then you can choose to spin once every two days. You can also do it regularly in a shorter time. However, if you are focusing heavily on spinning to lose weight, you need to spin regularly and invest a good amount of time into it.

Benefits Of Spinning

Spinning, like any other cardiovascular exercise, has numerous amounts of benefits. Below is a list of some of the benefits that you will get from spinning.

Burn Calories

Burn Calories

Like I already mentioned, spinning is a good way to burn off your calories. The more you want to burn, the more you have to exert yourself. It is a high-intensity training like other great workouts. It is almost as effective as running on a treadmill.

Flexibility In Practice

A spinning machine is available in both gyms and specific spin classes, so you do not have to attend both at once. You could attend the gym and use the spinning machine besides working on your arms or abs. Or you could join a spin class and interact with others to focus solely on spinning.

Flexibility In Practice

Either way, it is a very good option for individuals. Moreover, you can buy an indoor stationary cycle and spin at the comfort of your own house. I should also remind you that this machine takes significantly less space than treadmills.

Better Heart And Lung Health

Like any cardio workout, spinning is great for your health, especially organs like the heart and the lungs. It tests the endurance of these body parts and over time, helps them grow stronger.

Better Heart And Lung Health

Gradually, it makes your heart become more efficient at pumping blood. Similarly, it increases your lung capacity and helps improve your overall stamina.

Relieve Stress

Relieve Stress

It goes without saying that working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Exercising causes your brain to release endorphins to elevate your mood. Throwing in a little music can help your spinning session feel even better and more relieving.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part, we will discuss some frequently asked questions about spinning. So let’s begin—

Does spinning help you lose belly fat?

Yes indeed! Spinning has been around for a long while and it is a practice that many take to reduce their belly fat. Although if you are targeting to losing belly fat only, focusing more on ab workouts will be more helpful for you.

Is spin cycle good for weight loss?

Yes, it is. Like I mentioned earlier, spinning burns about 400 to 600 calories on average. However, you can increase that based on your time and effort. So if you use it the optimal way, you can have significant weight loss.

How long does it take to see results from spinning?

Patience is key when expecting results from any exercise. The same goes for spinning. Over the duration of a month, you might see slightly better body composition. However, if you want to see significant improvements, you will have to grind for over two months at the very least.

Is spinning better than running?

Although spinning is a great exercise itself, it is not better than running on treadmills. Running involves more physical motion overall, so it is a better way to lose weight. However, it does not mean spinning is inefficient when compared to running.

Does spinning tone your legs?

Spinning also helps tone your leg muscles very effectively. As you are constantly relying on your legs to burn your calories, it helps improve the endurance and strength of your leg muscle.

A Few Words

In this article I have covered everything you need to know about spinning, how it helps lose weight & how often should I do spinning to lose weight. I hope you found this article helpful. In general, spinning is a great exercise when it comes to losing weight. If you are thinking of starting it, stop thinking so hard about it and get right into it!

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